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Updating to a new IVR solution usually means completely rewriting existing applications in order to run on the new platform—an expensive, time consuming and disruptive endeavor.

Not so for Zenith American Solutions. Using the Arca+ automated migration tool, Integrated Voice Solutions (IVS) quickly and easily converted application functions and logic exactly as they existed, saving time, effort and money.

Download this Case Study and Learn How:

  • IVS migrated Zenith American’s IVR system to a modern, open standards-based platform in less than 30% of the time and for 35% of the cost.
  • Applications were easily deployed to leverage the latest technologies and channels Zenith American’s customers already use.
  • Zenith American Solutions is now positioned to control annual IVR maintenance and support charges.

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Arca+ from Arca Software splits the design and development of an application from the platform that it runs on so that as new technology arises, the application investment is protected. Commoditization of technology has left many companies stuck with high annual-support fees associated with legacy systems or being forced to redevelop their applications on open standard-based systems. All of these options are costly and do not leverage the initial investment in creating the applications. Arca+ lowers the cost barrier and allows companies a new way forward. Arca Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Flame Industries LLC.

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