Arca+ 3.0.10 Released

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Highlights of the release are:

Multi-Import for EVIP – Now you can import many files at once. This brings in a new feature: When you first open a diagram, you should run the layout command, described below. Otherwise, you’ll see the default Eclipse diagram.

Improved Horizontal Layout – When you are editing a diagram, choose the layout command from the Arca menu.

Improved Estimates – The export process now includes a summary page, totaling all of the projects components and costs. For example, if you export five projects at once, there will also be a SUMMARY.htm document generated that consolidates all five projects’ estimates. This is currently available in the VoiceObjects export feature only (which is OK, if you are simply estimating costs at this point).

If you are already registered, simply “Check for Updates” in Eclipse.

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Arca+ from Arca Software splits the design and development of an application from the platform that it runs on so that as new technology arises, the application investment is protected. Commoditization of technology has left many companies stuck with high annual-support fees associated with legacy systems or being forced to redevelop their applications on open standard-based systems. All of these options are costly and do not leverage the initial investment in creating the applications. Arca+ lowers the cost barrier and allows companies a new way forward. Arca Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Flame Industries LLC.

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