About Arca Software

ar‧ca  Pronunciation [ahr-kuh]

– noun, -a chest for valuables, used in medieval Spain and Italy.
[Origin: < L: chest, box. See ark]

In this case, the valuables are your applications and the investment that you have made in them.

Arca+ from Arca Software splits the design and development of an application from the platform that it runs on so that as new technology arises, your application investment is protected.  Commoditization of technology has left many companies stuck with high annual support fees associated with legacy systems or being forced to redevelop their applications on open standard-based systems.  These options are costly and do not leverage your initial investment in creating the applications.  Arca+ lowers the cost barrier and allows companies a new way forward.

Arca Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Flame Industries LLC.

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