Dead End IVR?

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Road Ends

Commoditization of the IVR market has driven many IVR platforms toward an end-of-life condition.  End of support forces enterprises to purchase new IVR platforms and redevelop their applications.  The move to new technology is a risky proposition.  Excessive migration cost prohibits moving to more advanced technology. Businesses are therefore, stuck.

Bridge the Gap

Our implementation partner, IVS, has a new whitepaper: Considerations When Migrating Legacy IVR Applications.  This paper reveals facts about selecting new technology and taking the correct approach toward application migration.  Whether you are considering open standards, hosted or managed solutions, VoIP or TDM, you will find a useful and unbiased discussion of the options available today.

Take Control

The whitepaper will help you better understand how you can implement new technology while:

  • Speeding delivery of your migration project by four times;
  • Cutting the cost of migration in half
  • Minimizing disruption to your business.

Arca+ automates the conversion from Convergys Edify EVIP and end-of-life IQTalk platforms to new Convergys Interaction Composer, Voxeo Prophecy, VoiceObjects, and other VXML-based platforms.  By leveraging Arca+, our clients reduce the cost of moving to new technology by at least 50% and they do it in 25% of the time. No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, download our whitepaper today and benefit from a better understanding of how you can achieve your objectives for less money, less risk and in less time.

Switch Paths Now

Visit Integrated Voice Solutions to receive a copy of the whitepaper and take the first step towards becoming un-stuck.


About the Author:

Arca+ from Arca Software splits the design and development of an application from the platform that it runs on so that as new technology arises, the application investment is protected. Commoditization of technology has left many companies stuck with high annual-support fees associated with legacy systems or being forced to redevelop their applications on open standard-based systems. All of these options are costly and do not leverage the initial investment in creating the applications. Arca+ lowers the cost barrier and allows companies a new way forward. Arca Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Flame Industries LLC.

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